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Comparison of Angular Vs ReactJS


There is a considerable amount of debate on whether AngularJS or ReactJS is a smarter choice for front-end development. According to the recent  framework comparison React is regularly used by 65%, while 19% plan to learn it. While 24% use Angular and 34% are keen to learn it. ReactJS and Angular are the robust development technologies. They are built on Javascript that clubs advancement and customization to develop advanced web applications.

Our article provides a comparison of how both Angular and ReactJS intend to solve the similar front-end challenges, but with a difference in approach and philosophy. AngularJS is designed and managed by Google.  A popular JavaScript Framework, it powers 1,471,509 live websites today. While ReactJS powers 305,267 live sites.

Read more to learn about the critical differences between AngularJS and ReactJS to assist you in making an informed decision.

Reactjs vs Angularjs is like blurb against a book:

Technology React JS Angular
Latest Version 16.8 (February 2019) Angular 8 *(to be released in March/April 2019)
Author Facebook Community Google
Type Open Source JS library Fully-featured MVC framework
Tool Chain High High
Language JSX TypeScript
Learning Curve Low Medium
Packaging Strong Medium
Data Binding Uni-Directional Bi-Directional

Advantages of angular:

  • Two-way data bind is probably the top feature, as it diffuses the impact after every minor data change and does way with the need for further effort with data sync in view and model.
  • TypeScript is an enhanced JS super-set that supplies optional static type checking, object-based programming patterns, and high-performance typing features.
  • Owing to component-based architecture components have deep binding and each of them comprises elements with only relevant functionality. What is more, they are loosely coupled and properly encapsulated. Such approach makes components easily reusable, enhance their testability and further maintainability.

Disadvantages of angular:

  • Learning curve:It’s easy to learn Angular in the basic stages. The moment you move towards the advanced stages, the learning curve turns out to be steep. Some unique features of Angular are quite complex, so developers find it difficult working with values, DI, factories at the very beginning.

  • Documentation:While the documentation for the framework has been updated, it still needs some improvement. It would be better to add more useful information to some methods and properties, some features comparison and changes.

  • Directives:There is a wide range of directives, and they are highly complex to operate with. To understand their syntax, you really should spend a lot of time. As a result, you should think about how to write code without focusing on what you are writing

  • Debugging:Debugging is critical when building an app.. Sometimes developers were confused because there is no idea what scope is being used

  • Search engine indexing:Search engines still need to see the content and elements of the page in the source code to guarantee that it will be indexed correctly. There are some problems to speed up pages or to be indexed by search engines in Angular. 


Advantage of Reactjs:

  • JSX is a JS syntax that enables HTML quotes and usage of HTML tag syntax for subcomponents rendering. It promotes building of machine-readable code and provides ability to compound components in one compile-time verified file.
  • Prompt rendering is among the best features of React that gives a significant edge over Angular. The technology comprises smart methods to mitigate the amount of DOM operations, optimize and accelerate the updates process. Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) is of great use while handling vast databases.
  • The core difference between reactjs and angularjs is that React is JS-centric, while ng2 remains HTML-centric. JavaScript is far more robust, than HTML, that makes React far more simple, focused and consistent.

Disadvantages of react.js:

  • Comparing react vs angular performance, first of all it’s worth mentioning that reactJS is not a full-scale framework and for this very reason integration of the UI library into a common MVC framework requires deeper programming knowledge. It is still young and not mature, considering tutorial volumes, limited ecosystem, etc.
  • Apart from pros and cons of reactjs, we should also mention Flux that is frequently applied for adding a structure and architecture to react app. Usage of both technologies can become a challenge for non-experienced programmer, as it lacks structured and comprehensive documentation or guide.

Choose ReactJS for your project If:

  • You plan to expand the functionality of your application in the future
  • You have dynamic content that changes your views or needs an app that will update the look simultaneously and constantly
  • You agree with a slower initial phase of development

Choose AngularJS for your project If:

  • You are in the inception phase of development. Also, if you wish to start application development, and require a holistic framework that will get you started quickly
  • Seeking a robust and well-maintained framework for the project-range of any size

In short, if you are looking for flexibility and simplicity, it is better to use React.js. However, if you need the most efficient way to organize and boost your application with a complete tool, AngularJS remains your best solution.

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